Canción del Frente Unido


Here the militiawomen

who fearlessly battle this life.

We carry a world that's new and free,

free of god, king or master.

A world that's black and red

against the ostentatious shine of those in power,

we bring victory's seed in our hands.

From all the fronts,

action must always be taken against fascism.

You will be free, woman, companion,

when you fight on our side.

If the rich bourgeois

suffocate your guts and your heart,

we are right here,

always ready to fight.

So one, two, three.

So one, two, three.

Take your place, comrade!

For you part of our people,

join the Popular Front right now.

To fight with great tenacity

for our emancipation,

strengthening the ranks with high spirits

in the Popular Front.