Lyrics, music and arrangements: Ebri Knight

We come from a witches den with no night,
from an Autumn confronting oblivion.
We come from the storm
of a hurt songbook.
We come wearing unstitched uniforms

We come from the revolt of these times,
from an ocean of boats with no oars.
We come with our hands full
of doubts and reasons.
We come to shake all the patterns.

We come from an old fight
from a red army of wild beasts
We come from a bleeding Winter
that has fertilised the Springtimes.
We come to plant the future
amongst anger and dust clouds

We have come
to tear all walls down.

We come from a people that has heard crying,
from a night cradled by the sea.
We come from a gust of wind
that has dried up our tears.
We come from Springs
without flowers.

We come from an old fight…

We come from a quarry of clandestine dreams,
a thousand sprouts will grow among the ashes.
We come from a flag of sieges and paths,
we shall sing a thousand words of fire.

We come from a North that is cracking
among corrupt cretins.
We come from a South that is waking up
and is slowly flowering already.