Lyrics, music and arrangements: Ebri Knight

I would go back to the first day,
I can’t remember how many years ago,
to tell you not to leave any mistrust scare you
and to never say no to an adventure.

Like brothers we have seen each other grow,
it’s not years that have passed,
it’s a thousand streets, roads and songs,
a thousand smiles we carry on our backs.

Four cans of beer,
a song by Obrint Pas,
five more minutes sitting in some porch,
any excuse will be worth it.

We have left forests behind us,
we have burned sorrows and laments,
we have known the chimera of power
and blow by blow we learned the whole of life.

And even if I wanted
to leave far away from here
I am made out of our early mornings
And if you doubt once again
make it always be this way,
for living means standing up a thousand times.

By the shadow of the Pedraforca,
in the Raspall square,
under the warm sun of the university,
filling the dead hours with cold coffee.

What blows does life keep in store for us?
How many times will we see the sunrise?
How many heartbreaks? The answers don’t matter,
we shall walk this path singing and with big steps.

And even if I wanted…