Mai més


Lyrics: Laia Alsina
Music and arrangements: Ebri Knight

We are leaves rocking in the wind,
together we make a hell of a racket. 
We are a people, we are the people,
Relentless dry cry.

We are branches which, like lashes,
whip the select elite.
We are witches, we are middlemen.
We have an insurgent soul. 

We are the bark of the zeitgeist,
marginal and peripheral.
We are poets of the extremes,
chimerical agitators.

We are the trunk which, brushing the sky,
reaches for the sun with optimism.
We are the rebel neighbourhood
prevailing over the shadow of fascism.

We are the tree that still stands
after each battle.
We are the strength, we are the voice,
the spirit that never falls silent.

We shall nevermore be firewood, ashes or coal.
Against concrete, we shall forevermore be seed.
Never again axes chopping the future.
Never again, nowhere, against no-one.

We are roots calmly
breaking the land little by little.
We are the redeeming army,
the neighbourhoods on a war footing.

We are the forest that will win over
the city, the tyranny. 
We are the warriors of tomorrow,
we are the sons of utopia.

We are the tree that still stands…

We shall nevermore…