Lyrics, music and arrangements: Ebri Knight

Ruins do not scare us
for we carry a new world in our hearts.
And this world is growing right now.
"Buenaventura Durruti"

Under the night of a long journey
we hid the stories we learned.
Under the skin a land dreaming
that that nightmare is over forever.

Recalling lost battles,
mirages along the way stuck in our hearts.
The days of crumbs are over,
we have already risen and the slayer will fall.
Today we shall make the slayer fall. 

We shall be joy like a banner,
we shall be guerrilla that never left.
The wild beast that roars and stays awake,
the hope that never dies.
We shall be joy taking to the streets, 
we shall be the guerrilla in the deepest forest,
the people singing the old song
and cracking this fear forever.

We are springtime…

Survivors of a clandestine homeland,
the monster lives inside our loneliness.
Let’s revive forbidden hopes,
let’s turn squares into seeds of dignity.
We shall be seeds of dignity.

We shall be joy like a banner…

You already heard the coming of a new day
and birds singing the sweet melody.
The king screams and knows his throne is in danger
and among bushes and ashes
you will let the guerrilla hunt you down.

We shall be joy like a banner…