El nostre dia


To Ireland.
Lyrics, music and arrangements: Ebri Knight

We were born in this corner
made of rain, nostalgia and old prisons.
From the old battles
we have written songs.

Those forbidden songs
have travelled through the roots and the valleys
and have lit a bold fire
inside the hideouts.

We have protected the bonfire
that burned free inside our hands
while from far away we heard
our brothers scream.

We are a gathering of free wings
that fly across clouds of stones and mud.
We have fearlessly trodden
on the puddles filled with blood.

Life will be ours again,All fields will be in bloom anew.
When they hear how the present screams
amidst gigantic steps.
Their hurt walls
will become mountains of mud,
after hearing that our vengeance
will be the smile of our infants.

We have heard our mothers
raising walls of laments and nightmares,
we have seen the moon and the sun
grow surrounded by chains.

And when chains are heavy
there is no fear that can scare us anymore.
Walls scream
that our day will come.

We shall break the ice and surrounded by the darkness
smiles and travails will spring.
The new time is getting closer, that which makes us tremble,
and a terrible beauty has been born along the way.

Life will be ours again…