Tot El Que Ens Queda


We wanted to grow up like thornless flowers grow,

we lost some ideas each season,

the biggest dreams boiling in our blood

And each blow made us stronger.

We raised our fists not knowing exactly what we wanted.

All we knew was that there was a world that had to be turned around,

without checking what we had left behind

our agitated march.

And we keep burning,

and between our hands

we squeeze all that we have left

and everything still to be won.

And our lips dry

from the constant searching for words

that will scream once more at full volume

that the next journey starts here

and with you. 

Every last song we sang will have been worth it.

Every night, every footstep, has brought us here.

And in spite of the mud we have ahead,

hearing you laugh is the greatest of victories. 

And we keep burning...

While our ideas keep burning,

while our blood boils inside,

while we keep dreaming of the stars,

the battle is not yet over.