The offspring of avarice

that you have been sowing,

we shout out to you from the shadows

of your capital city 

The fighting will break out,

you won’t know where from,

You will know what the life you set up for us

is really like 

Plotting an alternative history:

Ceasing to contemplate

how our rights die

in your hands 

Shit won’t change

Unless you change.

Love utopia the way you love

the neighbourhood you grew up in.

We’re still right here where we were born,

We keep pressing on,

for survival,

the beast has awoken.

Maybe one day you thought

we were buried

but the strongest seeds

always grow amongst the mud.

We will be the only antidote

that the world has taught us:

Down with privilege,

down with authority.

They tie our hands,

as we’re taken by fear.

We are light that shines

when it gets dark.

Those that cure what hurts,

what do we do with the ashes when everything is burnt?

To the wind, the face always to the wind,

we hold one another by the hand.

It looks like we’re drowning

but love makes us brave.

Slowly, step by step,

going forward, going forward.

We go back to what we wish,

in fear we will always remain,

We join forces like brothers and sisters.

What do we do with the ashes

when there is nothing left?

We’re still right here where we were born…