Palau de vidre


From your great crystal palace

at times you get scared hearing

the collapse of those walls that make you so powerful

from accolades and impunity.

With bricks in their pockets

standing barefoot in front of tanks

they respond to your abuse of power

from being richer and whiter. 


This hypocrisy is choking us to such an extent

that it makes this air unbreathable.

You have swallowed these lies to such an extent

you can’t see clearly anymore.


While barricades were being built

and store windows set on fire,

you thought it didn’t concern you

but you were wrong.

They can buy peace for a few days,

pay them with a thousand gold coins,

but this ungovernable anger is priceless

and by now they’re not afraid anymore.


This hypocrisy is choking us to such an extent… 

And it keeps turning, the giant wheel

of the racist in a tolerant’s disguise.

You thought he was far

but he’s standing right in front of you.