La Pacha


Centuries of mines and caves,

shadow of the new moon.

Today his conquerer claws

will burn in their bonfire.

Hear the watchful awake city,

the jungle drums.

Hear the earth howling,

Hear how the floor trembles and screams:

The "pacha" must not be trampled, 

the "pacha" must be respected!


With the coyotes awake

we headed for the city,

we walked treading on the sand

In the cold nights of the "salar".

Our commander of steel

soon betrayed us.

He brought his fire vultures

and the rage awoke.

Between the abyss and the ridge

we awakened our volcano,

with the color of the aguayo

and the shaman’s ancient song.

Stones, machetes and rags

were our ammunition. 

Old wounds bled out

and the rage awoke.   


Centuries of mines and caves...


We swore in hiding

to never surrender.

We must not hesitate, brother, 

we must not hesitate.