Estima la música, odia el feixisme


They set up a life for you

and wrote you the script

made up of a sad kind of justice

painted with just one color.


They point to the dark skin

of those who have lost everything,

and you have thought they may be

on the same side as you.


And you have nothing left to lose,

and a thousand walls to tear down.

Love music, hate fascism

And never stop annoying. 


Navigating among lies

seeing how the world blows itself up,

the way the oceans get filled with spines,

and court trials with cannons.


They got you to believe it was hatred

that made the world go ‘round,

but you have understood that this fight

has love as its ammunition.


And you have nothing to lose...


What can we do if they don’t wait for us,

when not even crying do they give us something?

Taking the streets we take back

what the power took from us.


And you have nothing to lose...