Viva la quinta brigada

Lletra: Ebri Knight a partir de 'Viva la quinta brigada' de Christy Moore i el poema 'The day is coming' de William Morris.
Música i arranjaments: Ebri Knight

When the flowers are all in bloom
and the darkness claims to rule
ain't no choice for us but crash
cause the spring is all over us.

When you hear the whistle blow
when you feel the storm approach
let convictions melt the snow
gather 'round our blazing torch.

We fight against the force of evil.
Our life cries out beneath the sun.
From every corner we came sailing.
To keep the spring let's hold the gun.

Viva la quinta brigada!
The pledge that made them fight.
As they all joined the battle,
they're never gonna die.
Oh, la quinta brigada!
Against the fascist clan.
Our brotherhood of thunder.
No pasarán!

When the bells are tolling loud,
and their music drives you mad
it's for you they're beating strong
it does talk 'bout you that song.

When you hear the hunters bark,
d'you recall your fellows’ words?
Ain't no choice for you but stand.
Raise your fist, defend your land!

We fight against the force of evil...

Viva la quinta brigada!...